Bio: Why am I a reluctant elder? Because I'm always surprised when I pass a mirror to see the weight of years on my face. Inside? Still a 30-something woman wondering why people panic when I fall down. And then I pull a muscle getting out of bed and I remember. God has gifted me with words. I've taught English and Literature, AP Composition, done workshops on character development and plotting, edited yearbooks, and published fantasy novels. It's time and past time to do what Jesus asks of me as an elder woman. To lead younger women. To cheer them on. To honestly share stories that might lend them insight or strength or a light in the darkness. If you're looking for perfect, you've come to the wrong place. I am often loud, many times sarcastic, and eager to make new mistakes. I don't claim wisdom as one of my gifts, but, thankfully, Jesus has promised to give me the words to speak. I hope you'll talk back. Converse. You, know, leave comments so we can share encouragement. My newest book, Christmas In Other Words, a collection of stories to read aloud is available on Amazon. I'm also the author of a young adult, epic fantasy series, The Heir of Time, available on Kindle. Many thanks to my mentors in the faith, to those who have led me by the hand to Jesus' side. I've got some great examples of leadership I'd love to share with you. NOTE: This blog was once dedicated to my author's journey from writing fan fic to writing professionally. Older blogs will reflect this.

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