Stargate Fan Fic Writing Panel Prompt: Janet Saves the Day

In honor of the beautiful and talented Teryl Rothery’s appearance at DragonCon this year, the writing panel, “SG Writers Unite!” brainstormed story ideas focused on a Janet centric story.  Picking up some aspects of our “Beginnings, Middles, Ends” discussion, the group chose certain complications and started clicking those keys, ideas and inspiration zooming!  The following were the situations they were given as possible “Middles”:


An unexpected Goa’uld arrival

A hike on the side of a mountain

A festival or party

It’s dark

A space battle

Arrival of someone from the (team’s) past – not time travel.  (Think Daniel’s grandpa not AU Sam)

A betrayal

A power failure

A minor character death (MINOR, people!)

Disagreement between two team members

Naked, wet Daniel

The Russians want something

Stargate malfunction


An SG-1 member infiltrates the enemy

A twig snaps

The ground disappears

All the hairs on the back of Jack’s neck stand up.


The group picked … drumrolllll … well, most of them, actually!  I will admit that the first hand raised insisted on the naked wet Daniel scenario and who were we to argue with instant inspiration? 

Here is the basic beginning idea that we came up with:  There’s a power failure that causes all of the emergency/blast doors to slam shut.  Janet, Daniel, Siler, and a few others are trapped in the infirmary with no communication.  They don’t know if the power failure is because of an accident, an attack, or something else.  Daniel has been expected in the “Embarkation Room” (because that’s where the teams ‘embark’ from) to greet some powerful aliens and ‘do’ diplomacy.  Are the aliens the problem??

I hope someone picks up and runs with this story – changing it however they want to.  In fact, it would be great if a bunch of fan fic writers decided to take this on – then we could see how our different creative minds work given the same set of circumstances.  I plan to keep working, as soon as my Friendship Ficathon duties have been fulfilled.

Here are the notes I took:


Begins with power on.  Janet is treating injured Airman Oliver Simpson.  He’s badly injured.  He needs surgery – he has a head injury and a subdural hematoma.  Surgery to relieve the pressure is needed asap.  Siler is in the infirmary as is usual for a minor burn.  Daniel is also in the infirmary for some reason we’ll explain later.  Decontamination shower – he’s the last one out after SG-1’s last mission.

Hammond calls infirmary asking for Daniel in the Embarkation room to greet the sumthin delegation from sum planet. Asks for status of Airman Simpson.

Suddenly – klaxons go off.  The power fluctuates.  Janet is concerned.  Security doors close and everything goes black.

Emergency lights.  “Crap!”

Daniel with towel out of shower.

Heightened concern.  Janet very concerned about Airman Simpson.

A few minor characters.  Nurses (3)  Corpsmen (2) Daniel, Siler, nameless patients.

Daniel and Siler trying to work out what’s wrong – or at least restore communications.

Janet is torn between her duty as doctor and duty as an Air Force officer.  How can she be effective at either if she has to focus on both? 

Marine Sgt. NAME is being treated for a broken arm (part of a mission that went badly) part of Simpson’s team.  He’s is in Janet’s face about her being ranking officer and how she must find out what’s happening on the base. (Research Janet’s rank.)

Daniel in “explanatory mode” talking about the alien race that he’s supposed to meet in the Stargate room – technologically advanced – perhaps they weren’t as friendly as I thought they were.  Internal conflict for Daniel thinking maybe this is partly his fault.

Janet is more concerned about saving her patient.  MARINE wants to pull her focus onto the base emergency.  You can’t save one man at the risk of everyone else dying!!!

Patient has a seizure!! That’s never good.  Totally unresponsive.

Banging and/or the door starts to open.

Is it good guys coming to the rescue or bad guys from a foothold situation?


Now Go! Write! Pick your circumstances and let fly! Give Janet the props she deserves!  If you could comment on this blog with a link to your first chapter, that would be fantastic!

And thanks again for supporting our Writing Panel at DragonCon.

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