Raise Your Hands and Say “Enoch!”



I’ll admit … I’ve doubted. I’ve shut down my laptop at the end of a nonproductive day and sighed, “No, Lord. I can’t do it. I’m not good enough.”

(Amen. Preach it sister.)

I’ve re-read pages with grinding and gnashing of teeth and then, in my weakness, hit Ctrl+A Delete.

(Yes. Yes.)

I’ve lain awake at night, staring up at the blank white ceiling of my bedroom and searched deep … I say DEEEEEP … into my imagination –

(Come on, come on)

And found nothing but trite clichés and overused plot-lines. Dialogue full of churning angst and descriptions filled with those words – yes, and I say yes, again! – THOSE words! The words of evil. The words of darkness and (novel) death.

The words that end in ‘ly.’

(Shocked gasps. No, sister, no!)

Yes! And I’ve bowed my head and wept.

(Umm-hmm. General head shaking.)

But then –

(Yes. Yes.)

Then, when I thought all hope was lost –

(Preach it, preach it!)

When I knew, in my heart of hearts, that nothing would ever be good enough –

(Come on, come on!)

Then! Then I went to … TIMEGATE! And I met a woman … a woman who had fought the good fight!

(Amen! Preach it!)

A woman who had persevered! Who had seen the light at the end of the tunnel and Lo! It was not a train!


Lady Soliloque! She showed me the light! That a fan fic writer/vidder/geek/fan/nerd could do it! She could write! She could write a novel!

(Preach it!)

She could write a good novel!


She could write a great novel! One that was published! And that could be made into an audio drama starring a cute Welsh actor!


And then into a television SERIES!

(WA-HOO! Amen! Organ plays and hands clap in rhythm.)

And so can I!



(Sorry, that was a largish leap of faith there, sister.)

Where my people at?

(Oh, we’re still here, just sort of waiting …)

Well, wait away, but, after meeting Lady S, listening to her wonderful team of talented voice and screen actors, and delving into this new world, this multiverse that she has created, I am encouraged!

(That’s good.)

I am excited!

(Good, good.)

I’ve even written my first Enoch fan fic!

(Writing is good!)

I am more convinced than ever that I can do it! I can write my novel!

(Don’t get a big head, now.)

And I am humbled that she could conceive of and write a fantasy novel that encompasses a multiverse like this one in just ONE YEAR.

(Yikes! You’d better get going! You’re behind!)

You’re right!

(So, what are you doing here, blogging? What’s Matthias up to? What mischief is Deok getting into? What are the Grey Robes and how do they figure into your alternate history?)

Geez, give me a break!


I’m blogging today to tell everyone about Enoch the Traveler. And to advise you to go NOW and get the book from Amazon.com, to get the iTunes radio drama, and to follow Enoch and LadyS on Twitter and Facebook to hear all about what’s happening in the multiverse. Get on board. Travel with Enoch. You won’t regret it.

(…. Are you done? Got your coffee? Got your Spotify on the right station? Then sit down and write your novel, sister! )









2 thoughts on “Raise Your Hands and Say “Enoch!”

  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! And I want to read it when you’re done! I’ll be waiting!!! 🙂

  2. marzipan77 says:

    Sweet! Even more incentive to finish it!

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