Cue the Spotlight


Do you want to know what it’s like to try to “hook” an agent with a pitch or a query? Watch the very first episode of this current season of Food Network’s The Next Food Network Star.

There are all the hopefuls who believe that they are “sure of who I am and know what I can cook” and they are given 30 seconds to sell the judges on the way that they are PERFECT for this opportunity. They are standing there in a line, and are told they must sell their personality and their concept to these professionals. That’s it. First impressions are the ONLY impressions you are going to get.

Cue spotlight. Every eye is on you. No matter that you’ve cooked a gajillion fantabulous meals (written a book where you created an entirely new world), you can’t win if you don’t get past these gatekeepers.

And…. GO!

Yep, that’s just what a pitch/query is like.

It’s you. On a page. One page. Just a few short paragraphs. And if you don’t hook them, you’re on the reject pile.