daniel doesn't die

Something exciting is happening. Something no one expected. We’d heard rumors, we’d seen disclaimers. We’d gnashed our teeth at the murmurings about a reboot. We rolled our eyes at the “streaming” concept. But the fans of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis stayed strong.

We kept our fandom alive when the powers that be tried to kill it.

We wrote fanfic. We made fan vids. We went to conventions, large and small, all over the world and packed the biggest ballrooms to hear our favorite actors talk about their Stargate journeys. We paid for autographs so we could snatch a few minutes with our favorites. We dressed up in BDUs. We attended auctions started in honor of our beloved Don S. Davis and we passed around ownership of some awesome props while supporting charity.

Most of all we talked. We chatted. We did re-watches together and discussed everything from Daniel’s character development to Teal’c’s hair. We shared insights and cobbled together screenshots. Some of us wrote a Virtual Season 11 for SG-1. A Season 6 for Atlantis. We made friends from all over the world to share our love for this franchise. And even 11 years after SG-1 left the airwaves and 9 years after Atlantis ended, we’re still here. Still fans. Still hoping to see more Stargate.

@BaronDestructo, aka Joseph Mallozzi, tells us that it’s time. Now. We have our 38 minutes. MGM is listening. More television Stargate – not a reboot, not a re-imagining – can become a reality. A show that is based on the 15 years of wonderful, deep canon that has already been established. He wants the fans to show the studios that, “if they build it, we will come.”

We want to believe.

But we also remember Stargate: Universe. The series that killed the franchise. The one that took established canon and turned it into military officers who cheated and lied and tortured to get ahead. That stripped Stargate of its honor, of its hope, of Daniel Jackson’s heart-filled diplomacy, Jack O’Neill’s cheek, and Teyla’s wisdom. That filled our screens with darkness – literally and figuratively – trying to catch the Battlestar Galactica gravy-train, tacking “Stargate” on the label to try to guilt fans into watching.

We also remember Joseph Mallozzi’s blog post insulting Stargate fans. Insisting that people upset with Daniel Jackson’s death should get over themselves, hey, there were only like nine of us, right?

So, can you blame us if we’re wary? If we have one foot in the StargateNow campaign and one foot out? As a famous Scottish engineer once said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

I’m choosing to believe. I’m getting some flack from my fandom friends, some disbelief, some negativity. They’re afraid this will be another Universe, not at all resembling the wealth of great episodes and world-building from SG-1 and Atlantis. They’re afraid Jack and Sam’s love-child will be the main character. And, in our current climate, they’re afraid the show will devolve into typical anti-military stereotyping and political bandwagonning instead of focusing on journeys through the Stargate to meet new allies and fight the new, exciting villains.

Right now, I’m choosing to believe Stargate can come back to the small screen. That we can still get glimpses of Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter and, yes, even Rodney McKay. Heck, Daniel should have moved into Atlantis to take over processing the Ancient database. McKay probably spends hours heckling science with Sam. And, on the weekends, they meet Jack at the cabin for some fishing.

Or maybe Daniel is finally getting ready to introduce the world to the Stargate, with Teal’c in formal Jaffa robes raising an eyebrow beside him.

Whether you choose to believe with me or not, head over to the StargateNow social media center on Twitter. Watch the posts. Put in your two cents. Tell the world what you think.

I’ll stick my arm in the wormhole and keep it open for you.